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Arrival and Departure

Full Day: 07h00-17h00
Half Day: 07h00-12h00

Children will be received personally at the gate form 7am to 8 am, please note that the main gate must always be latched whenever you leave the premises. It will be locked at 08h10, this is due to safety reasons. Parents who are late due to unforeseen circumstances are requested to ring the intercom, and ensure they lock the gate thereafter.Half day- If your child is half day please ensure that he/she leaves the premises before 12h00, so that other activities can proceed thereafter, example naptime, if not, penalties of R5 for every five minutes will be charged.

Please note that the school will not provide breakfast for your child. Parents are responsible to provide both the cereal and milk, which should be put in two separate containers. The milk will be warmed and the porridge will be mixed and supplied to your child. If your child prefers to have his/her breakfast at school, then they should be at school before 8h00.

The school gives you the option to provide lunch or not. Please refer to the menu if you wish the school to provide lunch. Parents who choose to provide lunch are to prepare a nutritional sandwich for their child with juice. You are welcome to send curries, puddings, macaroni, stews etc. to school(but not the same lunch everyday) it will be warmed and provided to your child.

Penalties will be charged for late arrivals after 17h00. Charges set at R5. For every five minutes. Please note that you will fill out a time roster stating the time of arrival and charges set.Penalties will be charged for late payment of school fees- R25 per day. This amount must be settled when school fees are paid.

All school fees should be paid at the beginning of every month but before the 3rd, if not, penalties will be charged at R25 per day. I try to encourage parents to pay via EFT instead of cash. 
Account details below

Bank- First National bank- Durban North
Account number- 62314230913
Name- A Devnarain

Parents who are using the direct deposit facility, please send a copy of the deposit slip to school and indicate your child’s name as reference.Parents who pay the full school fees at the beginning of the first month of the term qualify for a discount of R50. Parents who split their payment on monthly bases needs to pay at the beginning of the month on due date.There will be no refunds regarding the absences of your child. School fees for the month of January and December must be paid in full.

Excursions are organized during the year, please note, excursions will be scheduled according to the response of the parents. Parents are welcome to join us.

Parents are welcome to have their child’s birthday party at school. Time 9h30, No party packs allowed. Only cake, chips and juice allowed. Parents are allowed to join us. Parents are welcome to hire out our school equipment and school playgrounds as party venue. Bookings are essential.

Waste Materials
Parents are welcome to donate used computer paper, old toys, Plastic containers, anything that can be used for creative activities.
Formula- if your child uses a bottle, please provide the formula and stipulate the times it should be given.
Nappies- parents must provide disposable nappies.

Mid-morning/Afternoon Refreshments
school will not provide the refreshments for half/full day children. Parents need to send fruits, yoghurt, biscuits etc. no junk food (sweets, chips, chocolate will be allowed)

Notice of Absences
Parents are kindly requested to telephone the school by 08h00 to inform me that your child will not be attending school. Please note that if your child has a contagious illness/disease he/she is not allowed to attend school until it has cleared up. If your child is on antibiotics he/she is not allowed to attend school until the course is completed. This prevents other children from contacting it. The school will not be responsible for any cost incurred due to illness or injuries that occur at school. School fees will not be deducted for absence of your child.

School will not provide transport. Parents are to drop off and fetch their child. Parents are to inform the teacher in advance if someone other than themselves will fetch their child. Please note that your child will not leave the premises without the permission of the parents.

Parents will be subjected to sign a 6 month or 1 year contract with the school. If you choose the 6 month contract it will be renewed after 6 months again. So please read the rules and regulations carefully if you don’t understand, please ask questions.this document will be signed after 3 weeks or a term after your child has started school- "if your child is new in the environment’’. This gives them time to adjust to the school environment. Please note once the contract has been signed under no conditions will parent be allowed to take their child out of school, if they do, they will be liable to pay the school fees for the rest of the contract.

No valuables will be allowed to be brought to school e.g. jewellery, money and expensive toys. The teacher will not be responsible for the loss or damage of these items.

Junk Food
Parents should try not to send chips, chocolate and sweets to school, it’s not healthy for a growing child.

Children are not allowed to come to school with makeup.

The school has functions or activities on a monthly basis to help raise funds for purchasing Educational equipment or stationary for the Children. Parents are kindly advised to help support all Fundraising for the school. Example KFC day, Pizza Day etc.

Parents are welcome to discuss problems they have regarding the school, teachers, care and behavior of their child. Parents are also welcome to bring any ideas or suggestions regarding the school.

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