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We are a Montessori Centre specializing in the age group from birth to Grade R.

Sunshine Montessori is run by Mrs Ashna Devnarain who is qualified in London Montessori international and who has obtained a diploma in child psychologist NQF level 6. And diploma in child care and education.
Sunshine Montessori staff consists of have 3 staff members and my self which is 4 , all of which have London Montessori international qualifications. Our care giver has worked with us for 4 years and she is excellent with the kids.
Sunshine Montessori was established in 1998. It was known as Sunshine day care center. After furthering my studies in Montessori I found the Montessori method of teaching was more effective on children and the children loved to learn due to the structured learning program and the didactic materials. I Therefore changed our name to Sunshine day care Montessori trading as Sunshine Montessori.

Sunshine Montessori Center is unique! You'll notice it the minute you walk into our center due to our commitment in providing high standards of excellence and quality childcare. We strive to be a place where parents are comfortable about leaving their children becuase they know their kids will be cared for in a safe and loving environment... We are specialized in the age group from birth to Grade R.

Some of Sunshine's Promises:
*To provide a learning environment that meets the developmental and emotional needs of the children according to the Montessori Method.

* Positively reinforce traditional family values such as Honesty, Respect and Love.
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